The Earl of Buckinghamshire at the Society's 20th anniversary service in Great Hampden Church

The Ship Money monument at Prestwood

The Palace of Westminster in the 17th century

Pyrton Manor, home of John Hampden's first wife

The former Lord Williams's Grammar School, Thame

The Earl of Buckinghamshire at the 350th anniversary ceremony in Thame

St Mary Magdalene church, Great Hampden

Charles I tries to arrest the Five Members in the House of Commons

John Hampden's funeral in 1643

Arthur Goodwin, Hampden's lifelong friend
Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth. Reproduced by permission of Chatsworth Settlement Trustees.

The Great Hall at Hampden House

St Mary Magdalene church and Hampden House

Hampden's regiment marching through Thame

The next talk by the John Hampden Society chair will be at Wycombe Museum on Thursday 8th August

Beth Rogers will give a talk about John Hampden at Wycombe Museum on 8th August at 5.30 pm.

Your opportunity to have a private viewing of the Museum’s exhibition – “Hampden a Wycombe man with a global impact”.

You can book a place by clicking on this link John Hampden talk