The Earl of Buckinghamshire at the Society's 20th anniversary service in Great Hampden Church

The Ship Money monument at Prestwood

The Palace of Westminster in the 17th century

Pyrton Manor, home of John Hampden's first wife

The former Lord Williams's Grammar School, Thame

The Earl of Buckinghamshire at the 350th anniversary ceremony in Thame

St Mary Magdalene church, Great Hampden

Charles I tries to arrest the Five Members in the House of Commons

John Hampden's funeral in 1643

Arthur Goodwin, Hampden's lifelong friend
Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth. Reproduced by permission of Chatsworth Settlement Trustees.

The Great Hall at Hampden House

St Mary Magdalene church and Hampden House

Hampden's regiment marching through Thame

John Adair’s biography of Hampden to be republished

Sapere Books are republishing John Hampden The Patriot at the reduced pre-order price of 99p (Kindle format). It will be fully released on 4th July. The link to purchase the book is :

Richard Simpson of Sapere says that they aim to breath new life into books that have been left to gather dust on bookshelves, republishing titles worldwide and marketing them to ensure that they can be enjoyed by new readers. He is particularly happy to be republishing some of John Adair’s books and hopes that many more people will learn about the influential figure of John Hampden through reading this fascinating biography.