The Earl of Buckinghamshire at the Society's 20th anniversary service in Great Hampden Church

The Ship Money monument at Prestwood

The Palace of Westminster in the 17th century

Pyrton Manor, home of John Hampden's first wife

The former Lord Williams's Grammar School, Thame

The Earl of Buckinghamshire at the 350th anniversary ceremony in Thame

St Mary Magdalene church, Great Hampden

Charles I tries to arrest the Five Members in the House of Commons

John Hampden's funeral in 1643

Arthur Goodwin, Hampden's lifelong friend
Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth. Reproduced by permission of Chatsworth Settlement Trustees.

The Great Hall at Hampden House

St Mary Magdalene church and Hampden House

Hampden's regiment marching through Thame

No. 91 – Autumn 2019

● The threat to the Chalgrove Battlefield
● Talks – U3A Thame, U3A Croxley Green and The Grove Park Group
● A new Hampden feature in Aylesbury
● The Duel Stone story
● An offshore AGM?

No. 90 – Summer 2019

● A talk by Ian Beckett (a leading military historian)
● Bruce Alexander’s text of his 2019 AGM speech
● Book review – By The Sword Divided
● TV review – Charles I Downfall of a King
● The Hampden Clubs – and The Peterloo Massacre

No. 89 – Spring 2019

● The 2019 AGM at Hartwell House
● Another ‘Hampden portrait’
● Donations to libraries
● An offshore AGM?
● Book review
● The new Ship Money Monument seat
● A lost Princess.

No. 87 – Summer 2018

● 25th Anniversary Dinner
● Saving Chalgrove Battlefield
● 2018 AGM
● 2017 AGM
● Conscience is My Crown – Book review
● Talks on Hampden’s Military Career
● New notice board at Ship Money Monument
● 375th Anniversary of the Grand Remonstrance
● Lady in Red – Elizabeth Hampden?
● The Library
● Hampden Privateer

No. 86 – Autumn 2016

● 21st century battle of Chalgrove
● Jewel encounter
● The Knollys family chapel
● Dr and Mrs Paul Hooper
● Cleaning the Acton Green information boards
● Battle of Chalgrove – alternative interpretations

No. 85 – Summer 2016

• AGM 2016 – Broughton Castle
• 25th Anniversary October 2017
• Society’s New Website
• Battle of Chalgrove – link to article by the Lester’s
• Book Review: Wanton Trooper by Ian Beckett
• Obituary – Beatrice Dobie
• Obituary – Hugh Muldrew

No. 84 – Winter 2015/2016

• Battle of Chalgrove – review of article in Oxoniensia by Gill and Derek Lester
• Show and Tell at Great Hampden WI
• History of England: Volume III “Civil War” by Peter Ackroyd – book review
• Obituary – Gloria Jarvis Smith
• Presentation of JH Portrait to Hampden Arms Pub
• New Parliament Building for Zimbabwe at Mount Hampden
(see also Selous)

No. 83 – Autumn 2015

• The New Website – update
• Newsletter Editor and Webmaster – vacancies
• Bucks Local History Network – report Sept 2015 conference
• Obituary – Reverend Dr Joyce Mary Bennett OBE
• Ship Money Memorial at Honor End Prestwood – Jim Rodda’s new responsibility
• The Happy Parliament of 1624 – article by Philip Baker of History of Parliament Trsut

No. 82 – Summer 2015

• Wreath laying in Parliament by JH Statue
• April AGM at Hampden House
• Hon Doctorate for Miles Buckinghamshire from Hampden Sidney College
• Descended from JH – Genealogical research by Phillip Broomfield
• Manor of Great Haseley – owned by Pat Claus’s ancestors
• The Last Roundhead by Jemahl Evans – book review by Steve Barriff
• The New National Civil War Centre at Newark – a report by Roy Bailey