The Earl of Buckinghamshire at the Society's 20th anniversary service in Great Hampden Church

The Ship Money monument at Prestwood

The Palace of Westminster in the 17th century

Pyrton Manor, home of John Hampden's first wife

The former Lord Williams's Grammar School, Thame

The Earl of Buckinghamshire at the 350th anniversary ceremony in Thame

St Mary Magdalene church, Great Hampden

Charles I tries to arrest the Five Members in the House of Commons

John Hampden's funeral in 1643

Arthur Goodwin, Hampden's lifelong friend
Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth. Reproduced by permission of Chatsworth Settlement Trustees.

The Great Hall at Hampden House

St Mary Magdalene church and Hampden House

Hampden's regiment marching through Thame

Links to other websites

There are many web sites of interest to students of the 17th century and the English Civil War period. Here are just a few of them.

The British Civil War Project

A great resource for anyone researching the period 1640 – 1660.

The English Civil War Society

One of the two main Civil War re-enactment societies in Britain – the other being The Sealed Knot. The ECWS is organised into two bodies – The King’s Army and The Roundhead Association and, as well as fighting battles, the members take part in Living History events. The ECWS and the John Hampden Society are affiliated.

Col. John Hampden’s Regiment

One of the English Civil War Society’s leading Parliamentary regiments – Hampden’s Greencoats. A number of their members, including their Commanding Officer, are also members of the John Hampden Society. On 22 June 1997 the Regiment made a splendid sight when they marched through Thame at the head of a parade of several hundred troops, with drums beating and colours flying, and they repeated this march in June 2000.

The Cromwell Association

The charity devoted to John Hampden’s cousin, who rose from being a humble country squire to Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland.
This site was set up in 1999 to mark the 400th anniversary of Cromwell’s birth. It is maintained jointly by the Cromwell Association and the Cromwell Museum, Huntingdon.

The Battlefields Trust

An organisation dedicated to the preservation, interpretation and presentation of battlefield sites as educational and heritage resources. Former Trustees include our President, Dr John Adair, and one of our vice-presidents, Professor Ian Beckett.

Brentford and Turnham Green Battlefield Trails

In 2006 the John Hampden Society co-operated with the Battlefields Trust and two local councils to help set up descriptive panels and lay out walks to mark the battles of Brentford and Turnham Green, in which John Hampden and his regiment were involved.

The British Association for Local History

The national charity which promotes local history and serves local historians. The Society is a member of the BALH.
Also has a Colonel John Hampden’s Regiment of Foote (First Captain’s Company) formed in California in 2004. Their website contains some interesting information about uniforms, arms and colours.

Other links:

Thame, Oxfordshire

A very comprehensive website of the town where John Hampden went to school and where he returned to die. The new Thame Museum contains a section on John Hampden.

Grampound, Cornwall

Another first-class site about the town which was John Hampden’s first constituency. The Society unveiled a plaque there to mark the fact in 2001.

Hampden, Maine USA

One of the dozen or so towns around the world named after The Patriot. Members of the Society were guests of the townsfolk in August 1994.

Hampden Historical Society

The Hampden Historical Society of Maine USA is affiliated to The John Hampden Society, has a Facebook page here.

Hampden House

John Hampden’s ancestral home, now owned by a group specialising in support services for the insurance industry, but licenced for weddings.

Hampden-Sydney College

One of America top colleges, situated in Virginia and named after John Hampden and Algernon Sydney (1622-1683). Sydney was a republican political theorist who was executed on an unproven implication in the Rye House Plot, an attempt to overthrow Charles II.

Lord Williams’s School

The modern successor to the Elizabethan grammar school in Thame which John Hampden attended.

John Hampden Grammar School

High Wycombe’s leading school, and one of the few named after the Patriot.

The National Archives

The repository of most of Britain’s historical records; many of which can be accessed online.

The Bodleian Library

Based in the university city of Oxford, and one of Britain’s top sources of reference, much of which can also be accessed online.

Buckinghamshire Genealogical Society

A first-class source of reference for family history in John Hampden’s county.

Bucks Family History Society

Another first-class source of reference for family history in John Hampden’s county

John and Frances West Family Group

A website of the collateral descendants of a 17th century gentleman who became a City of London Alderman and a Governor of Christ’s Hospital. There are connections with the Hampden family.

The Spread Eagle Hotel, Thame

Thame’s leading hotel, and formerly the venue of the John Hampden Society’s Annual Dinner every June.

Voice of the Shuttle: History Page

An enormous source of history references from the University of California.

Paul Meekins – Military & History Books , Caliver Books

Two booksellers specialising in historical books. Caliver are also the owners of Partizan Press, a rich source of unusual pamphlets on 17th century life.

These links are checked regularly, but if you find that any do not work, please e-mail the Society.