The Earl of Buckinghamshire at the Society's 20th anniversary service in Great Hampden Church

The Ship Money monument at Prestwood

The Palace of Westminster in the 17th century

Pyrton Manor, home of John Hampden's first wife

The former Lord Williams's Grammar School, Thame

The Earl of Buckinghamshire at the 350th anniversary ceremony in Thame

St Mary Magdalene church, Great Hampden

Charles I tries to arrest the Five Members in the House of Commons

John Hampden's funeral in 1643

Arthur Goodwin, Hampden's lifelong friend

The Great Hall at Hampden House

St Mary Magdalene church and Hampden House

Hampden's regiment marching through Thame

The Society’s Inauguration

inaugThe John Hampden Society was founded on 27th October 1992 at a ceremony (above) in the Great Hall of John Hampden’s ancestral home, Hampden House, with the following aims and objectives:

(These aims and objectives were amended in 2003 when the Society achieved charity status.)

The Society’s Founders

The founders were four enthusiasts (pictured, left to right), The 10th Earl of Buckinghamshire (who became Patron of the Society), Dr John Adair (President), Dr Frank Hansford-Miller (Hon. Treasurer), and Mr Roy Bailey (Hon. Secretary).

A Guard of Honour was supplied by members of Colonel John Hampden’s Regiment of the English Civil War Society under the command of Captaine Derek Lester (above, second left), and the inauguration was attended by representatives of local heritage organisations and local government dignitaries, as well as by press & television.

The Society received a letter of congratulation on its formation from The Rt. Hon. Betty Boothroyd, MP, Speaker of the House of Commons, in which she spoke of John Hampden’s lasting contribution to the securing of modern Parliamentary freedoms.

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